5 Reasons Why Couples Who Cook Together Last Longer Than Couples Who Don’t

Usually when ladies tell me ‘Uncle Ope let’s get married so you can cook for me’ I just snicker and laugh. Why? Because that would seldom happen, i’d rather both of us make a gourmet meal together (and halfway through the cooking we could segway and have kitchen s3x, but that’s gist for another day) than me cooking alone in the kitchen while you sit in the living room watching Jenifa’s dairies.

That being said research shows that couple who cook together in the kitchen tend to last longer and are happier than couples who don’t and heres why…


1. ENCOURAGES MORE PRACTICE IN COMMUNICATION: Anybody who has made a long-term relationship work will tell you that Communication is key, And a cook will tell you the same thing. Reading ingredients to each other and also helping each other with directions and cooking techniques will help you learn how to effectively work through problems in other major parts of your relationship.


2. MORE QUALITY TIME TOGETHER: When you are in a relationship it’s all about quality time spent together. Cooking together assures that you and bae other spend at least a little time together in the evenings as you prepare your dinner, cook it and then sit down to eat. This can lead to fun conversations while connecting with each other in new and exciting ways, all thanks to a jointly made catfish with pepper sauce. And bonus: Cooking together can also make for a cheap and enjoyable date night.


3. IT COULD BE A SHARED HOBBY: Few things bring a couple together quite like shared hobbies and interests  so why not try out cooking? If you realise that you enjoy making basic meals together, such as fried chicken  with vegetables, you may find that you soon get more experimental in your kitchen. That can turn into trips to markets, cooking classes and new experiences together.


4. YOU COULD LEARN SOMETHING NEW ABOUT BAE: As you get in the kitchen together and experience something new with your bae you may find out new bits and pieces of information about each other. Perhaps a favorite old family recipe or childhood kitchen memory can be infused into your life, or maybe you just discover your love has a funny way of saying “ifokore.” Getting in the kitchen together will get you laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company in a way few other household chores will.


5. ENCOURAGES EQUAL DIVISION OF CHORES: 62 percent of married couples say that an equal division of house chores is integral to a lasting and happy marriage. Even though cooking is fun, it is a household necessity at the end of the day. If one person cooks, washes the dishes, and cleans the kitchen while the other sits on the couch watching TV, it can build up resentment. Avoid those stress by dividing up the kitchen labor equally for a happy relationship life.

Author: Kayode Kuku

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