5 Ways To Stop Vag1na Dryness

1. HAVE S3X MORE OFTEN: Chill, Hear me out. Having s3x on a regular basis over time may increase your own natural lubrication. (In the meantime use lube)


2. START DOING FOREPLAY: Anything else isn’t an option. Your body  and mind  deserve some tender loving attention. Get some.


3. USE YOUR EFA’s: Meaning that your essential Fatty Acids,. especially Omega 3’s. These oils are the ones from fish oils, flax seed, walnuts and chia seeds. Besides being beneficial for your heart and generally reducing inflammation in the body Omega 3’s help to keep vaginal dryness at bay. Another Omega found to be particularly good for vaginal tissue turns out to be Sea Buckthorn covering the Omega 7 category. Don’t underestimate the benefit of having some good fat in your diet.


4. SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR: Maybe a vaginal estrogen cream may be helpful for you. Look at your health history and assess the risks.


5. AVOID, SOAPS, DETERGENT, PERFUMES AND LOTIONS: This one is pretty much self-explanatory. These things dry you out! Really.

Author: Kayode Kuku

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